Carla Dessi

BSc Computing Student

My name is Carla Dessi. I am a Freelance Web Designer, Ruby on Rails coding genius and also a full-time student studying Computing. I also dabble in mobile app development from time to time too.

Before you ask, although my website background clearly suggests I like cats, I promise I'm not some kind of crazy cat lady! …But they do keep me company when I'm coding away at 2am.

Whilst I am currently studying in Bournemouth University, I grew up in Frome, Somerset, where I achieved both GCSEs and A-Levels to a high standard.

Computing has always been my beck and call. I didn't mess around, either! Once I had finished my A-Levels, I fled the nest and moved further south to tackle the life of a university student. This meant living on rice and beans, undergoing daily challenges and during my University work, the occasional bug kept showing up. Before you ask, this wasn't I'm a Celebrity!

Before I began my journey to Computing, I undertook various other roles as well. In Frome, I worked as a Leisure Attendant/Receptionist for an established business. I went through a tough training process, but it was a great opportunity to showcase my working ability. I got myself involved with an evolving and varied team on a daily basis - sharing responsibilities such as cash handling, assisting customers when they had an enquiry and other general administration duties.

I was able to not starve to death and survived up until my third year of University. As a reward for my endurance, I was skilled and fortunate enough to work a placement year at a local infrastructure company as a Software Engineer. I was responsible for maintaining the company websites and I added a wealth of new features to make them easier and more accessible to use, as well as running their content management system.

By using lots of brain power, I created tools and internal portals using Ruby on Rails. As one of the only members in the team to understand how the coding worked, I was relied on continuously to provide support and advice. During my time on my placement, I managed to blog about my coding achievements to better off not only myself but those that wish to use it too. Why not check them out!?

Outside of my studies, I work hard on creating freelance WordPress websites for a range of clients. I also delve into coding occasionally, tackling day to day problems and solving them using some magic code, and unlike Derren Brown, I share them with the world.

Please don’t be shy – come and say hello through my contact form.



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